Rubicon @ the Griffith Shops

Last Thursday night 5 of us enjoyed dinner at Rubicon. The restaurant is located in the Griffiths shops, it is long and narrow and out the back the ceiling is adorned with twinkling lights, I knew we had made the perfect choice. We 5 were there to celebrate a huge achievement for my boss, he had that very day received a PSM from the Governor General.

I have eaten there several times over the years and always enjoyed the food, we also had our work Christmas party there in 2012 and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Of course there were the usual few who complained about the price but hey, this is good food not Maccas and let’s face it we don’t eat like this every day although I would really like to.

We were seated by our waiter, out the back under the twinkling lights. We were presented with a wine menu, OMG I don’t think I have ever seen such an extensive wine menu, it was like a phone book. I handed it to my boss as I had no idea about any of the wines. He chose something suitably delicious.

The food menus arrived and we perused it with much delight. We had already agreed we would not do entrees as we were going to indulge in dessert. The choices were Angus beef, pork belly, duck, chicken, barramundi, snapper and another beef fillet dish. So much yumminess! Our table ordered the Angus, 2 ducks, a beef fillet and the chicken. The boss was very pleased with himself as the wine he had chosen was recommended for the duck dish. We also ordered a selection of vegetables. Usually I get most annoyed when one must order vegetables separately but given that the mains were around the $34 I figured oh well. I guess it’s when you are charged around $40 for a main and then have to purchase vegies I get rather cross.

Our mains were placed in front of us and they just looked perfect. We all enjoyed our meals, they were sensational. Our side dishes of kipfler potatoes, beans with anchovies and mixed salad leaves were perfect; they certainly know how to do vegies.

Each time our waiter came to our table we had been discussing twerking made famous by Miley Cyrus, the conversation got even funnier when I suggested that as one of the guests had no idea what twerking was that perhaps he might like to give us a demonstration, sadly he declined.

Dessert time, well my suggestion was that we all order something and then share it, this was quickly shouted down by the two youngest diners. 2 serves of chocolate tart, a pear pudding, crème brulee and panacotta were placed in front of us. Our two youngest guests began squabbling, apparently one piece of tart was bigger than the others piece of tart. Sibling rivalry and they are not even related. Each dessert was scrumptious. There was some discussion over the crème brulee; the toffee cracked perfectly however the crème was not quite set. This did not bother me one iota as the taste was truly divine however one of the younger guests advised that she had it on good authority that a crème brulee should be as firm as a 16 year old woman’s chest. Not exactly the metaphor I would use but it gets the point across.

Would I go to Rubicon again, most definitely. Would I have a function there again, most definitely. Would I recommend it, most definitely.

Gryphons @ Griffith

After strolling around Floriade adoring all the beautiful flowers HTP and I headed to Griffith to take advantage of another Groupon or Scoupon (I can’t remember which one) offer. We park the car and find the voucher, a quick read tells us that you can only use the voucher from 3pm Doh it is only 2:40pm bah humbug let’s live on the edge and see what happens.  So the deal is pizza and 2 beers for $22 which is pretty good me thinks.

Inside we venture.  The layout is pretty cute, a kind of posh pub maybe, quite posh I guess as they have a fabulous assortment of very expensive champagne.  Up to the bar we trot, “What can I get you” asks the girl behind the bar. I tell her we have a voucher for pizza and beers. “You can’t use that till 4pm” “Oh, well on the voucher it advises 3pm” “Oh really” she quips srutinising the voucher because obviously I would lie about such things! “Well it’s not 3pm, I shall have to check” “Well that’s OK we’ll just have a drink until it’s 3pm” but off she goes and checks, by this time it is now, what 2:50pm anyway back she comes and it’s OK we can use the voucher early. Lovely and so HTP gets a beer and I have a glass of pink Chandon which is of course not part of the deal but that is OK. Off we totter to find a table out the back, it is cool but not cold. There is another couple happily ignoring each other sitting opposite us. We have a look at the menu, “You choose I say to HTP, can we get come chips too, I am so hungry”. HTP orders a chicken tandoori pizza but no chips. Why, well apparently if we are still hungy after the pizza then we can order them. Off to the bar I go to get another glass of pink bubbles for me and a beer for HTP. In no time at all the pizza arrives and it looks fabulous. It is fabulous, not thick and bready like some pizzas tend to be. According to the menu the usual price for a large pizza on its own is about $23 so our deal is quite the bargain. As it turns out the pizza was quite filling and we really didn’t need the chips.So would we come back, if we were in the area I guess we would but I would not drive all the way from Gungahlin to go there. I think if we lived locally maybe we would not go there regularly as when we paid the bill for my champers I was a bit shocked to find out they were charging $10.50 per glass. If you are in Griffith and feel like a pizza in a nice comfy setting then Gryphon is the place to go just be careful what you buy by the glass.

My visit to the Governor General’s House

Today I am a little bit excited. Why? Well I am off to the Governor General’s at Yarralumla with my boss and his family to see him be awarded his PSM.  I was so thrilled when the boss asked me if I would like to attend the ceremony.  I must admit I did wonder if he might withdraw the invite.  Why would I think that, well it has happened to me before.  Several years ago I was invited to have dinner with the PM the Honourable Kevin Rudd, I had an invitation and everything and then at the 11th hour I was called by his Chief of Staff and advised that it was not appropriate for me to attend the dinner. Of course it was not a personal invitation, I was invited as part of a group, yes the group were very important people and it had been my job to look after them for the previous 18 months, their task had come to an end, everyone was happy with what they had achieved and so a dinner with the PM was in order. They got to go and I did not, end of story.  BUT today I am off to Yarralumla and getting a little bit excited.


The first though for today was, Oh god please give me perfect or at least acceptable hair.  Mission accomplished, it is sitting nicely and should not move as I have used perhaps ¾ of a tin of “cement” hairspray, a hurricane should not be able to move a hair!  On goes the beautiful raw silk blouse I had made in Thailand, it is cream in colour and this is the first time I have worn it, I like it J.  Next step make up, not too much just enough to look horn-baggy but not trollopy. Oh.My.God. I have dropped the cotton bud covered in foundation onto my blouse. What the, how the hell did I manage that. Frantically I grab the flannel, dampen it and rub vigorously. With a sigh of relief every bit of foundation has been removed, I finish with a touch of mascara.  I never wear mascara to work as my eyelashes are very long and if I do wear mascara and then put on my sun glasses for the drive to work my eyelashes scrape on the lenses.  This is of course what happened today. Ah the price of being gorgeous. Thankfully I got a red light and so a quick clean and I have again, perfect vision. 


Now the most important part of the outfit, THE SHOES.  They are new and they are very Audrey Hepburn, well at least I think she would like them.  They are a sling back with an open tow, a deliciously comfortable heel height, not too high not to low, they are black patent leather with a white and black rosette and they are positively gorgeous. What makes them even more fabulous is that they are, wait for it, COMFORTABLE and definitely not lesbian shoes!


I sashay into the office feeling and quite certain that I am looking the picture of sophistication.  Several colleagues assure me that I look quite fabulous J


The afternoon was perfect and the GG’s grounds are picture perfect with bowling green lawns, the lovely old camellias and rhododendrons are in full bloom along with the blossom trees.  After the ceremony we enjoy canapés and champagne to the lively tones of a jazz band, today the band wore blue and red jackets and not their military uniforms. Yes I did take photos but sadly I have no idea how to upload them as I have to wait until Sunday when D2 promises that she will help me do this.

Trevinos @ the Gold Creek Country Club

Last night we had dinner at Trevino’s. Seriously it is becoming one of our most favourite restaurants in Canberra. Trevino’s is the restaurant at the Gold Creek Country Club and we have been dining here regularly for about 2 years. There are 6 of us and none of us have ever been disappointed with what we have ordered. The restaurant has delightful views of the golf course which we have briefly glimpsed before the sun has set. We keep saying we are going to go there one summer afternoon to enjoy the view and a glass or two but we’ve not managed that yet.

My absolute favourite (and I really should move on but can’t) is the Trevino steak with seafood in a creamy sauce. It comes with deliciously cooked vegies however should you want to have it with chips and salad you most certainly can. B2’s favourite is the Fillet Minong rare, YaYa 1 loves the baked salmon, HTP swings between the pasta and the Fillet Minong medium, Yaya 2 walked on the wild side this time around and had the Trevino steak with seafood, she has been saying she will have this for some time but often chooses the pasta or a fish dish! B1 also had the Fillet Minong medium. Other dishes we have enjoyed are the Lamb Shanks and Barramundi. Prices are around the $28 – $33 per main course, we rarely have entrée’s as we know that the main course sizes are generous, as a consequence we have never had dessert as we are always to full 

Our waitress, well she is not our personal waitress but it feels like she is, she is lovely, always smiling and puts up with our banter quite happily. Thank god last night they finally had fresh stock of the Angel Cove SB that I quite enjoy, they have been out for a little while now.

It was not until every morsel had been scraped from my plate that I thought I should have taken photos of all these lovely dishes to put on my blog but in my haste to eat I completely forgot. It fleeting crossed my mind to take photos of other peoples dishes but given that perhaps other diners just may not have taken to kindly to that I chose the perhaps not option!

The only thing that pricks me about Trevino’s is the white paper that they put on the tables, I know why they do it and I understand but it just annoys me, I really do wish they would stop. Maybe next time we dine there, and there will be a next time, I should just mention it.

So if you are in the Gungahlin area and have not tried Trevino’s give it a go and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cheers 

A day in my life – Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks

Do you have those days, days when you open your eyes and think “What am I doing here, I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to get out of bed, and I don’t want to do anything”. It would seem that I am having one of those lives.

I wake this morning, not feeling refreshed or invigorated like I should after a good 7.5hrs sleep, but then again I can’t remember the last time that I woke feeling fresh. I suspect it was a very long time ago. Drag myself to the shower; catch a brief glimpse of my naked self in the bathroom mirror and promise myself that I will stick rigidly to the Lite N Easy thing I have signed up for. How the hell did I get so fat? Surely it has nothing to do with the over eating, over drinking, over binging lifestyle that I have lead for the past, what 25 years. Yes well now you shall suffer the consequences Oh Porky One. It also does not help that at the office we have delicious morning teas each fortnight under the guise of a branch meeting. Each section takes turns and prepares a gourmet feast and of course I over eat EVERY time.
Often I am heard lamenting “Why am I so fat, Oooh yum donuts”!

Shower finished, towelling dry, DO not look in the mirror and upset yourself again. Take 5 tablets, 2 prescribed 3 complimentary. The 2 prescribed ones are the official drug of choice for most menopausal women, Zoloft; this drug will apparently alleviate mood swings and put one on a more even keel it should also prevent you from putting a pair of scissors through your HTPs head. No one bothers to tell you a few of the other side effects, none of them pleasant or appreciated by the HTP. I did say to my Dr, “I don’t think my happy pills are working, I still hate everyone and everything and seem to be annoyed 23 hours out of 24! Dr E advised that this was probably just my general makeup. The complimentary medicine, ah yes, MACCA no not McDonalds but some root powder that the Inca’s used and it supposedly helped their menopausal women, it has a few other benefits according to the bottle but I can’t say I am feeling the love. I also take a hair, skin and nail concoction, am I seeing results, NO in fact my nails are possibly in the worst shape of their lives, they have ridges and seem to be brittle and peeling, my hair resembles a steelo pot scrubber and my skin suffers horribly from ingrown hairs, white heads, blackheads and the most exciting thing of all, skin tags. These seem to be just popping out of me, under my arms, on my back, chest and one on my face, WTF. Again, according to Dr E this quite normal for menopausal women. Just a little something for you non meno women to look forward to.

Finding something to wear to the office, grroooaaannn, skirts and pants that fitted quite nicely last week are beginning to feel snug, bloody hell, outfits that I thought looked quite nice on last week now look hideous and there is no way I can leave the house looking like that. It is bad enough having horrid hair but having horrid hair and a cr*p outfit, that will surely put me in an even worse mood. Black pants and finally I select a white shirt from the 30 that I own. Whilst I quickly inspect my garden out the back I have a cigarette and think to myself, You are going to die, STOP, I sip my black coffee and stake out a caterpillar with toothpicks, this is a warning to its friends, If you come into this garden and eat these plants you will die. I can’t say it is working but they sure don’t like pyrethrum! Back to the bathroom to dry my hair, oh god I hate my hair, I have had a succession of terrible haircuts over the past 6 months I don’t think I am explaining what I want properly. Mind you one of these not so flattering haircuts came from the hairdresser that has been doing my hair for 4 years, surely she should know by now how I like my hair but apparently not. Speaking of which I recently went to a Ball and so went and had my hair done, just a wash and a blow wave and a bit of a trim to fix what the hairdresser over the weekend managed to butcher. “There” she said “what do you think”. My response was, “When in the past 4 years have I ever had my hair like that.” “Oh yes she said I really should know that by now shouldn’t I. Yes you should I thought as I paid my $80 and thought for the 100th time I am so not going back, I must find a new hairdresser.

The blow wave is finished and my hair looks sort of OK, I had yet again another trim over the weekend but this time it seems she has given it a bit more shape but alas it is too long on top therefore it is to heavy and won’t sit nicely, well it will for a bit but then gets heavy and flops.

I grab the Lite N Easy from the fridge (mental note to self, DO NOT BUY HOT CHIPS AT LUNCHTIME) get into the car and begin the drive to the office. The speed limit is 90 or 100 all the way to my office, it is a good road, a little bit of congestion here and there where there are traffic lights but given I leave so early it is a reasonably good run to work and should therefore be a reasonably stress free drive in. NO, this is not the case. Where do these people get their drivers licences, Kellogg’s packets or Lucky Dips? Mark Parton is prattling on, he really is annoying but given the awful choice of breakfast radio here in our Nation’s capital he is the best of a bad bunch. P plate drivers whizz in and out and get annoyed when I won’t increase my speed to 110 in a 90 zone; young female drivers seem to be the worst offenders. Every day I pray that the traffic police will be there booking all those idiots and boosting our ACT coffers with revenue but no they are not to be seen. I park and begin the short walk to the office. My first challenge is to cross Melrose Drive without being skittled either by cars or MAMLs (middle aged men in lycra) on push bikes that come hurtling along either the road or the footpath. Every single day I witness hideous driving, impatience and very questionable driving decisions, I dart across the road and within minutes I am in the office.

I should walk up the stairs I think to myself as I hit the button that calls the lift. Coffee machine on, breakfast, turn on my computer. Check the various email boxes that I manage and load the various database systems that I use each day. Truly, gripping, stuff. The past few weeks have been quite due to caretaker and given that Mr Abbott is only the Prime Minister Elect it looks like we will be quiet for another week ot two. Once he is sworn in I imagine things will pick up. The next 8 hours are OK, I surf the net a little bit, annoy D2 about my new blog (yes this one). Today I was meant to have lunch with a friend but this is the type of friend who constantly bails, we all have them, they say they will come to whatever it is you invite them to and you know damn well that they will not come as something always happens. Surprise, she bailed again. The day passes pleasantly enough. I usually spend the day keeping to myself, I mean I say good morning to most people and most people respond but then there is always that one person in every office who you wish was not in your office. This person is mean, nasty, slightly unfortunate looking, cannot cook and it would appear that this person dislikes me intensely and to top it off wears very ugly shoes. If anyone else in the office has noticed then no one has said anything.

At around 5pm I leave the office for another day, walk to my car wondering what will happen when I get home. As for what happens next, that is for another Blog let’s call it – A night in my life 

Update on Pink Sparkly Preparations

After watering the garden, folding the washing and putting all manner of things away.  Now putting all manner of things away, HOW does this possibly happen, these things just seem to get out of their normal resting proper place and end up in places they don’t belong.  For example, the lady bird slippers belonging to GB1 are sitting on top of her play kitchen.  The Wonder Woman suit that D1 borrowed from one of my work colleagues is now on the floor beside the piano.  I am certain these things were not there when I left for the office in the morning!

I digress, back to the invites. So after much sorting, folding and preparing dinner at 8:30pm I perch at my kitchen bench, the HTP has made me a soothing cup of camomile tea and I begin sticking pink and sparkly diamonties and butterflies to pretty pieces of pink card.  After a few not so lady like words I manage to remove the bits that had the incorrect spelling on it.  This was no simple task. There were several invites that came off second best and it took all of my skill to masterfully hide the small tear marks that sticker removal left.  At 10:30pm I finally had 24 practically perfect invitations all in their envelopes with address labels in place.  Then my mind starts ticking. Oh god have I forgotten anyone.  A quick flick through my trusty address book and yes I have, SH*T. Ah, all is not lost as I have made several “spare” invites for this specific purpose.  Then I think of someone who I really should invite even though I had a very stern “chat” to myself about who would be invited to this fabulous event.  I only want people who have been a part of my life for a long time, I am not interested in the hanger oners, you know the people that come and go in your life.  You spend anywhere from 3 – 24 months with them, and then one day you think, pfft I’ve not heard from so and so for a while, you call, they don’t call back, then there are these mind games that I play with myself, maybe I said the wrong thing or did something to upset them and on it goes.  I am way to old and busy for such nonsense these days, it is to hard and stressful.  I have found that sticking with the people you know is by far the better option and besides, usually they know way to much about you and you about them and so they must remain your friend. Now my sole aim for today is to try and put of photo of these fabulous little bits of pink card on this blog, well that and doing my work.  Which reminds me, this morning when I came to the office I had an email saying that someone had thought my blog was pretty awesome, this of course gave me much pleasure and I immediately rang D2 to advise her that I was a writing sensation.  I have been trying to find felicity114 so I can read her blog and follow her but alas my wordpress skills are sorely lacking for love nor money I can’t find her.  BUT I shall persevere! I have also noticed that when I save as a draft I get brackets and p’s throughout my work…… I have managed to take several photos of the invitations so that you can see my little pink masterpieces but alas I have no idea how to load them and D2 is not available until at least Sunday to assist me. I have tried every imaginable thing to try and load these photos onto this page, how on earth am I going to become the next blogging foodie sensation if I can’t even manage of photo or two of food I am reviewing or cakes that I am baking or any of the other wonderful things I plan to take photos of and blog about.

You know I have edited this post many times today, often finding typing mistakes so I correct them and make new paragraphs and trying to ‘organise’ my blog so that it reads smoothly and yes I do save my work however when I come back to it there are the same typing errors that I corrected earlier today, why won’t they save and what happens to the paragraphs that I put in. This blogging business is a little trickier than I imagined. I shall persevere though.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Lime Leaves @ Kaleen

Last night the HTP and I trotted off to Lime Leaves which is located in Kaleen. The HTP had purchased a Groupon or Scoupon or something similar a few weeks previous. We had spent the weekend away and neither of us were in the mood for cooking and so off we went.

So we arrived just after 6:30pm there were maybe another 10 people in the place, which I took as a good sign. HTP hands the voucher to the waiter at the front desk and he smiling advises us we can sit anywhere we like. So we chose a table just near the kitchen. Everytime someone went through the kitchen door wonderful fragrances greeted us and there were lots of sizzling noises. It is a little Thai restaurant that could probably seat 30 if we all huddled up very, very close. There is nothing amazing about its decor, laminated tables with the obligatory white paper table-cloth and a few Thai looking prints on the walls which a green, a rather green shade of green.

I produced a bottle of Oyster Bay SB from my handbag and HTP and I enjoyed a glass of SB whilst we viewed the menu. “What is our voucher for” I enquire of HTP. “Oh, um, I am not sure”. OK let’s get the voucher and find out what we are having. HTP does this with a minimum of fuss. So the voucher entitles us to entre, this is set by the restaurant, we get to choose two main courses and then is finished with dessert, this is also set by the restaurant.

Very shortly after we order our mains our entres arrived, 2 spring rolls, 2 curry puffs and 1 money bag. There are two people, why do restaurants do that, it annoys me someone has to miss out and usually it is always me. Anyway the entrees were yummy and then came our mains. Tipsy prawns and squid and a traditional Pad Thai with chicken just a little bit spicy. Both dishes were delicious we really enjoyed them. Not long after came our dessert, ice-cream with sticky black rice. I’ve never had sticky black rice before and was happily surprised by how yummy it was. For $30 it was a great meal, service was quick and the staff seemed happy enough. There was a steady flow of take away order so I am guessing that in the Kaleen area it has a good reputation.

Will HTP and I go back, Yes we will and we will take our friends with us.