Lime Leaves @ Kaleen

Last night the HTP and I trotted off to Lime Leaves which is located in Kaleen. The HTP had purchased a Groupon or Scoupon or something similar a few weeks previous. We had spent the weekend away and neither of us were in the mood for cooking and so off we went.

So we arrived just after 6:30pm there were maybe another 10 people in the place, which I took as a good sign. HTP hands the voucher to the waiter at the front desk and he smiling advises us we can sit anywhere we like. So we chose a table just near the kitchen. Everytime someone went through the kitchen door wonderful fragrances greeted us and there were lots of sizzling noises. It is a little Thai restaurant that could probably seat 30 if we all huddled up very, very close. There is nothing amazing about its decor, laminated tables with the obligatory white paper table-cloth and a few Thai looking prints on the walls which a green, a rather green shade of green.

I produced a bottle of Oyster Bay SB from my handbag and HTP and I enjoyed a glass of SB whilst we viewed the menu. “What is our voucher for” I enquire of HTP. “Oh, um, I am not sure”. OK let’s get the voucher and find out what we are having. HTP does this with a minimum of fuss. So the voucher entitles us to entre, this is set by the restaurant, we get to choose two main courses and then is finished with dessert, this is also set by the restaurant.

Very shortly after we order our mains our entres arrived, 2 spring rolls, 2 curry puffs and 1 money bag. There are two people, why do restaurants do that, it annoys me someone has to miss out and usually it is always me. Anyway the entrees were yummy and then came our mains. Tipsy prawns and squid and a traditional Pad Thai with chicken just a little bit spicy. Both dishes were delicious we really enjoyed them. Not long after came our dessert, ice-cream with sticky black rice. I’ve never had sticky black rice before and was happily surprised by how yummy it was. For $30 it was a great meal, service was quick and the staff seemed happy enough. There was a steady flow of take away order so I am guessing that in the Kaleen area it has a good reputation.

Will HTP and I go back, Yes we will and we will take our friends with us.


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