Pink & Sparkly Preparations

50! My party must reflect me so it will of course be Pink and Sparkly because they are two of my favourite things. The birthday party is not until 26 October 2013 however preparations have been well under way for quite some time. The purchasing of all manner of pink things, paper lanterns (some solar some not), invitations and all things pink and sticky and sparkly for the invitations. Pink food boxes, serviettes, paper plates, cocktail forks, candles or voiles as I have discovered they are also called. I have also purchased lolly jars for the Pink lolly bar and the list goes on.

The preparation and actualy doing of the invitations has been my biggest killer. Here I am now 7 weeks out and still they are not complete, therefore they have not been mailed. Why? This is because D1 promised me many times that she would take them to her office and print them for me. After 3 weeks of me asking “Have you done them yet?” and her response being “Oh no mum, I’m so sorry, I have just been so busy” and me saying, “Oh well that’s OK (when it wasn’t) just give them to me and I will do it” and her responding “No mum I promise I will do them tomorrow”. As mothers we all know tomorrow never comes. Well happily enough tomorrow did come and she did do them and bought them home and we spent many hours sticking on pink and sparkly stickers and making them just perfect. So they are practically ready to be mailed out and I show one to D2. D2’s response was “Mum, did you spell check these”. Frantically I think I am sure I did. “Why” asks me. “Well” responds D2, “there is a spelling mistake”. I snatch the invite from her hand and there glaring at me is the TYPO, A Pink and Sparkly party now reads a Pinki and Sarkly party, yes Sarkly, WTF. I desperately look at all remaining 27 invites to discover that only 5 of them have this typographical error. It is not as bad as I first envisaged but of course it will have to be fixed. Both D1 and D2 calmly advise that they don’t mind if they get invites with spelling errors. I mind, I BLOODY WELL MIND. It is my party and I want it to be perfect and it is harldy a good start if I send out invites with spelling mistakes. So another week floats by, it is now 9 September and my hope is to finish said invites this evening and pop them all into the post first thing in the morning.

These strange thoughts go through my head from time to time. What if no one RSVP’s, what if people really don’t like me and no one comes. You are an idiot, it is free booze and food and god knows I am a good cook, they will come, eat, drink and be merry. I have made a little inserts to go into the invite I so don’t want crap gifts, gifts that you open and think WTH (What The Hell) why would they buy me that maybe they don’t really know me at all. So I have advised that should they wish to purchase a gift that a contribution towards some cake decorating classes would be really great. The insert also offers some accommodation advice, sadly the only accommodation on offer is the Abode Apartments. I called there once and the phone was answered by an extremely unpleasant woman who just could not be bothered speaking to me, it was like I had interupted her day. Anyway I have given their details as it is the only hotel close to where we live. We have had friends stay there and there feedback has been it is clean, quiet and quite OK.

Stay tuned for another riveting upodate. Did the invitations get mailed out on time.


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