Update on Pink Sparkly Preparations

After watering the garden, folding the washing and putting all manner of things away.  Now putting all manner of things away, HOW does this possibly happen, these things just seem to get out of their normal resting proper place and end up in places they don’t belong.  For example, the lady bird slippers belonging to GB1 are sitting on top of her play kitchen.  The Wonder Woman suit that D1 borrowed from one of my work colleagues is now on the floor beside the piano.  I am certain these things were not there when I left for the office in the morning!

I digress, back to the invites. So after much sorting, folding and preparing dinner at 8:30pm I perch at my kitchen bench, the HTP has made me a soothing cup of camomile tea and I begin sticking pink and sparkly diamonties and butterflies to pretty pieces of pink card.  After a few not so lady like words I manage to remove the bits that had the incorrect spelling on it.  This was no simple task. There were several invites that came off second best and it took all of my skill to masterfully hide the small tear marks that sticker removal left.  At 10:30pm I finally had 24 practically perfect invitations all in their envelopes with address labels in place.  Then my mind starts ticking. Oh god have I forgotten anyone.  A quick flick through my trusty address book and yes I have, SH*T. Ah, all is not lost as I have made several “spare” invites for this specific purpose.  Then I think of someone who I really should invite even though I had a very stern “chat” to myself about who would be invited to this fabulous event.  I only want people who have been a part of my life for a long time, I am not interested in the hanger oners, you know the people that come and go in your life.  You spend anywhere from 3 – 24 months with them, and then one day you think, pfft I’ve not heard from so and so for a while, you call, they don’t call back, then there are these mind games that I play with myself, maybe I said the wrong thing or did something to upset them and on it goes.  I am way to old and busy for such nonsense these days, it is to hard and stressful.  I have found that sticking with the people you know is by far the better option and besides, usually they know way to much about you and you about them and so they must remain your friend. Now my sole aim for today is to try and put of photo of these fabulous little bits of pink card on this blog, well that and doing my work.  Which reminds me, this morning when I came to the office I had an email saying that someone had thought my blog was pretty awesome, this of course gave me much pleasure and I immediately rang D2 to advise her that I was a writing sensation.  I have been trying to find felicity114 so I can read her blog and follow her but alas my wordpress skills are sorely lacking for love nor money I can’t find her.  BUT I shall persevere! I have also noticed that when I save as a draft I get brackets and p’s throughout my work…… I have managed to take several photos of the invitations so that you can see my little pink masterpieces but alas I have no idea how to load them and D2 is not available until at least Sunday to assist me. I have tried every imaginable thing to try and load these photos onto this page, how on earth am I going to become the next blogging foodie sensation if I can’t even manage of photo or two of food I am reviewing or cakes that I am baking or any of the other wonderful things I plan to take photos of and blog about.

You know I have edited this post many times today, often finding typing mistakes so I correct them and make new paragraphs and trying to ‘organise’ my blog so that it reads smoothly and yes I do save my work however when I come back to it there are the same typing errors that I corrected earlier today, why won’t they save and what happens to the paragraphs that I put in. This blogging business is a little trickier than I imagined. I shall persevere though.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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