Trevinos @ the Gold Creek Country Club

Last night we had dinner at Trevino’s. Seriously it is becoming one of our most favourite restaurants in Canberra. Trevino’s is the restaurant at the Gold Creek Country Club and we have been dining here regularly for about 2 years. There are 6 of us and none of us have ever been disappointed with what we have ordered. The restaurant has delightful views of the golf course which we have briefly glimpsed before the sun has set. We keep saying we are going to go there one summer afternoon to enjoy the view and a glass or two but we’ve not managed that yet.

My absolute favourite (and I really should move on but can’t) is the Trevino steak with seafood in a creamy sauce. It comes with deliciously cooked vegies however should you want to have it with chips and salad you most certainly can. B2’s favourite is the Fillet Minong rare, YaYa 1 loves the baked salmon, HTP swings between the pasta and the Fillet Minong medium, Yaya 2 walked on the wild side this time around and had the Trevino steak with seafood, she has been saying she will have this for some time but often chooses the pasta or a fish dish! B1 also had the Fillet Minong medium. Other dishes we have enjoyed are the Lamb Shanks and Barramundi. Prices are around the $28 – $33 per main course, we rarely have entrée’s as we know that the main course sizes are generous, as a consequence we have never had dessert as we are always to full 

Our waitress, well she is not our personal waitress but it feels like she is, she is lovely, always smiling and puts up with our banter quite happily. Thank god last night they finally had fresh stock of the Angel Cove SB that I quite enjoy, they have been out for a little while now.

It was not until every morsel had been scraped from my plate that I thought I should have taken photos of all these lovely dishes to put on my blog but in my haste to eat I completely forgot. It fleeting crossed my mind to take photos of other peoples dishes but given that perhaps other diners just may not have taken to kindly to that I chose the perhaps not option!

The only thing that pricks me about Trevino’s is the white paper that they put on the tables, I know why they do it and I understand but it just annoys me, I really do wish they would stop. Maybe next time we dine there, and there will be a next time, I should just mention it.

So if you are in the Gungahlin area and have not tried Trevino’s give it a go and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cheers 


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