My visit to the Governor General’s House

Today I am a little bit excited. Why? Well I am off to the Governor General’s at Yarralumla with my boss and his family to see him be awarded his PSM.  I was so thrilled when the boss asked me if I would like to attend the ceremony.  I must admit I did wonder if he might withdraw the invite.  Why would I think that, well it has happened to me before.  Several years ago I was invited to have dinner with the PM the Honourable Kevin Rudd, I had an invitation and everything and then at the 11th hour I was called by his Chief of Staff and advised that it was not appropriate for me to attend the dinner. Of course it was not a personal invitation, I was invited as part of a group, yes the group were very important people and it had been my job to look after them for the previous 18 months, their task had come to an end, everyone was happy with what they had achieved and so a dinner with the PM was in order. They got to go and I did not, end of story.  BUT today I am off to Yarralumla and getting a little bit excited.


The first though for today was, Oh god please give me perfect or at least acceptable hair.  Mission accomplished, it is sitting nicely and should not move as I have used perhaps ¾ of a tin of “cement” hairspray, a hurricane should not be able to move a hair!  On goes the beautiful raw silk blouse I had made in Thailand, it is cream in colour and this is the first time I have worn it, I like it J.  Next step make up, not too much just enough to look horn-baggy but not trollopy. Oh.My.God. I have dropped the cotton bud covered in foundation onto my blouse. What the, how the hell did I manage that. Frantically I grab the flannel, dampen it and rub vigorously. With a sigh of relief every bit of foundation has been removed, I finish with a touch of mascara.  I never wear mascara to work as my eyelashes are very long and if I do wear mascara and then put on my sun glasses for the drive to work my eyelashes scrape on the lenses.  This is of course what happened today. Ah the price of being gorgeous. Thankfully I got a red light and so a quick clean and I have again, perfect vision. 


Now the most important part of the outfit, THE SHOES.  They are new and they are very Audrey Hepburn, well at least I think she would like them.  They are a sling back with an open tow, a deliciously comfortable heel height, not too high not to low, they are black patent leather with a white and black rosette and they are positively gorgeous. What makes them even more fabulous is that they are, wait for it, COMFORTABLE and definitely not lesbian shoes!


I sashay into the office feeling and quite certain that I am looking the picture of sophistication.  Several colleagues assure me that I look quite fabulous J


The afternoon was perfect and the GG’s grounds are picture perfect with bowling green lawns, the lovely old camellias and rhododendrons are in full bloom along with the blossom trees.  After the ceremony we enjoy canapés and champagne to the lively tones of a jazz band, today the band wore blue and red jackets and not their military uniforms. Yes I did take photos but sadly I have no idea how to upload them as I have to wait until Sunday when D2 promises that she will help me do this.


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