Gryphons @ Griffith

After strolling around Floriade adoring all the beautiful flowers HTP and I headed to Griffith to take advantage of another Groupon or Scoupon (I can’t remember which one) offer. We park the car and find the voucher, a quick read tells us that you can only use the voucher from 3pm Doh it is only 2:40pm bah humbug let’s live on the edge and see what happens.  So the deal is pizza and 2 beers for $22 which is pretty good me thinks.

Inside we venture.  The layout is pretty cute, a kind of posh pub maybe, quite posh I guess as they have a fabulous assortment of very expensive champagne.  Up to the bar we trot, “What can I get you” asks the girl behind the bar. I tell her we have a voucher for pizza and beers. “You can’t use that till 4pm” “Oh, well on the voucher it advises 3pm” “Oh really” she quips srutinising the voucher because obviously I would lie about such things! “Well it’s not 3pm, I shall have to check” “Well that’s OK we’ll just have a drink until it’s 3pm” but off she goes and checks, by this time it is now, what 2:50pm anyway back she comes and it’s OK we can use the voucher early. Lovely and so HTP gets a beer and I have a glass of pink Chandon which is of course not part of the deal but that is OK. Off we totter to find a table out the back, it is cool but not cold. There is another couple happily ignoring each other sitting opposite us. We have a look at the menu, “You choose I say to HTP, can we get come chips too, I am so hungry”. HTP orders a chicken tandoori pizza but no chips. Why, well apparently if we are still hungy after the pizza then we can order them. Off to the bar I go to get another glass of pink bubbles for me and a beer for HTP. In no time at all the pizza arrives and it looks fabulous. It is fabulous, not thick and bready like some pizzas tend to be. According to the menu the usual price for a large pizza on its own is about $23 so our deal is quite the bargain. As it turns out the pizza was quite filling and we really didn’t need the chips.So would we come back, if we were in the area I guess we would but I would not drive all the way from Gungahlin to go there. I think if we lived locally maybe we would not go there regularly as when we paid the bill for my champers I was a bit shocked to find out they were charging $10.50 per glass. If you are in Griffith and feel like a pizza in a nice comfy setting then Gryphon is the place to go just be careful what you buy by the glass.


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