Rubicon @ the Griffith Shops

Last Thursday night 5 of us enjoyed dinner at Rubicon. The restaurant is located in the Griffiths shops, it is long and narrow and out the back the ceiling is adorned with twinkling lights, I knew we had made the perfect choice. We 5 were there to celebrate a huge achievement for my boss, he had that very day received a PSM from the Governor General.

I have eaten there several times over the years and always enjoyed the food, we also had our work Christmas party there in 2012 and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Of course there were the usual few who complained about the price but hey, this is good food not Maccas and let’s face it we don’t eat like this every day although I would really like to.

We were seated by our waiter, out the back under the twinkling lights. We were presented with a wine menu, OMG I don’t think I have ever seen such an extensive wine menu, it was like a phone book. I handed it to my boss as I had no idea about any of the wines. He chose something suitably delicious.

The food menus arrived and we perused it with much delight. We had already agreed we would not do entrees as we were going to indulge in dessert. The choices were Angus beef, pork belly, duck, chicken, barramundi, snapper and another beef fillet dish. So much yumminess! Our table ordered the Angus, 2 ducks, a beef fillet and the chicken. The boss was very pleased with himself as the wine he had chosen was recommended for the duck dish. We also ordered a selection of vegetables. Usually I get most annoyed when one must order vegetables separately but given that the mains were around the $34 I figured oh well. I guess it’s when you are charged around $40 for a main and then have to purchase vegies I get rather cross.

Our mains were placed in front of us and they just looked perfect. We all enjoyed our meals, they were sensational. Our side dishes of kipfler potatoes, beans with anchovies and mixed salad leaves were perfect; they certainly know how to do vegies.

Each time our waiter came to our table we had been discussing twerking made famous by Miley Cyrus, the conversation got even funnier when I suggested that as one of the guests had no idea what twerking was that perhaps he might like to give us a demonstration, sadly he declined.

Dessert time, well my suggestion was that we all order something and then share it, this was quickly shouted down by the two youngest diners. 2 serves of chocolate tart, a pear pudding, crème brulee and panacotta were placed in front of us. Our two youngest guests began squabbling, apparently one piece of tart was bigger than the others piece of tart. Sibling rivalry and they are not even related. Each dessert was scrumptious. There was some discussion over the crème brulee; the toffee cracked perfectly however the crème was not quite set. This did not bother me one iota as the taste was truly divine however one of the younger guests advised that she had it on good authority that a crème brulee should be as firm as a 16 year old woman’s chest. Not exactly the metaphor I would use but it gets the point across.

Would I go to Rubicon again, most definitely. Would I have a function there again, most definitely. Would I recommend it, most definitely.


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