To Friend or not to Friend, that is the Question?

Does anyone have a friend that you know you should avoid but you do not.  Why do we do this?  I have such a friend 😦  I have known her forever, over 15 years but O.M.G. she is draining, she sucks the living life out of my body. She is always negative, everything bad always happens to her, she really is not particularly interested in anything that happens to me unless of course it is bad luck because in her eyes my life is perfect.  And yet I feel for her and genuinely care about her, I just don’t want to hang out with her and would prefer all our chatter to be done via email.  I suspect I am going to hell.  It was so much easier to be her friend when she lived far away from me.  We would catch up once a year for a weekend and I would come away feeling drained but OK.  9 months ago she moved closer to me, about a 35 minute drive away but 2 months ago she moved about 5 minutes away from me.  She popped in last week for a surprise visit, it was OK, well so I thought but I did start drinking the moment she left. 

I had dinner last night with her, oh dear, I just wanted to escape. She hates her job, everyone is out to get her, the traffic to and from work is hideous, she is being ripped off by her body corporate and the property manager is committing fraud, her family are toxic (they are, truly they are) and she know no one so her life is so very lonely.  She tries so hard not to be negative but alas it does not appear to be working out for her.

My husband and children cringe at the very thought of her attending any function we may host and last Christmas they were downright horrid about it, I wanted to beat them all. But how relieved was I when she advised she would be unable to attend.

How does one stop being friends with someone like this when all I feel is guilt.