I’m hot, alot, I wish I was not!

For two years I have been hot and flushing and according to an article I read yesterday I may very well remain hot and flushing for another 12 years or even worse for the rest of my life. I hate it, a deep ugly hate. These flushes hit regularly, I can feel them coming on and then I feel the perspiration running down my face, through my hair, down my back and I see it beading on my hands and arms. Sometimes it looks like I have dipped my hands in water, that is how wet they get. I have spoken to my Dr so many times and she tut tutts me and assures me it will be over soon. After one particularly horrid “melt down” in her office she said, I had no idea they were so bad, my response was a rather terse, I have been telling you they are horrid for 12 months. months. Finally HRT patches were prescribed, I thought thank goodness. Well what a mistake that was. Whilst Dr advised that periods would again be apart of my life what she did not mention was that one may bleed constantly until your body gets used to it. We were about to embark on 8 weeks in Thailand soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach, hardly fun when one is constantly worried about periods so that was the end of that. I did actually find the patches in the fridge yesterday as I was tossing out uneaten left overs. I really should give them another go. Perhaps they just might improve my dispostion which I do believe is not as sunny as I would like it to be.


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