The Show

Over the weekend I treated the GB’s (grand babies) to the Canberra Show. For the past week or so the carnies have been arriving into town. What a, colourful, yes, colourful is a very good word, bunch they are. We were very fortunate and were given free passes to the show which saved us $80 in entry fees and we got free VIP parking, another sensational bonus as sometimes the walk from the car park can be longer than actually walking around the show.

We arrived at the gates at 9am to the heavenly smell of fairy floss, dagwood dogs, hot chips and doughnuts. There was loud music and the clang of rides and whoops of laughter. I love the show, I know it is stuidly expensive and I know the crap you buy will only last a day if you are lucky but I go knowing what I know and quite prepared to let those GB’s have whatever they want. They got magical wiggly worms, blow up enormous hammers, now this was a particularly rookie move on my part, items like this should only be purchased when leaving the show, not when arriving at the show. As for the next few hours each little person made it their personal mission to hit ones sibbling as many times as possible, which lead to many arguments and lots and lots and lots of little people screaming. This resulted in a cranky Mummy and Nanny was forced to secure all said whacking implements into the pram. I shall not make the same mistake next year. The GB’s fed ping pong balls into the mouths of clowns, no child goes away empty handed, the catch cry of all good carnies. Huge airfilled slides were conquered by Masters 4 and 2 whilst MIss 4 was not having a bar of such nonsense! Masters 4 and 2 positively collapsed in laughter on the dodgems, and by the third go Nanny was an expert.

Carnie people all seem to have that same bored look and I notice they all snap back when queried about the cost of rides, READ THE SIGN. Yes, yes I know there are signes everywhere stating the price, and advising that every rider pays and that there will be no refunds no matter what but there are times when you are juggling little people, a pram, erratic helium ballons and trying to keep a firm grip on Master Two without him screaming the place down that one does miss the clearly displayed sign.

Showbag Alley was not for the faint hearted. It was packed with kids who had money to burn. The average price for a Showbag was $26 which is ridiculous however I promised the GB’s a bag each and that is what they got. Each little person completely euphoric clutching their bag and dragging it back to the car. The excitement on their faces was so worth the $26. Mummy very calmly explained that nothing was to be opened until we got to Nanny’s. The 10 minute drive home nearly killed them. There was a mad dash to get out of the car and it took Poppy 30 seconds to long to answer the door which led to many little squeals of “C’mon Pop, open the door”. Once inside it was complete mayhem. Instructions were inadvertently thrown out, bits of string pulled off small attachments that made the magic worm wiggle and chaos followed. It was great. Poppy had to “fix it” which he did and then there was calm. Mummy took Master Two home for a well deserved nap and Master 4 and Miss 5 spent the remainder of the day with Nanny and Poppy and turned our bedroom into their new home. I have no idea why their toy room was not good enough but such is life. To top the day off we made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes and if I knew how to get a photo up I would post one but I do not. I can say that they looked fabulous.


2 thoughts on “The Show

  1. When I was a kid, I was not allowed to go to the show as it was too expensive. Now that I’m all grown up (41) and the Canberra Show is in town, I have ZERO desire to go. Plus, I can’t believe the COST of the show bags! Holy moly!!!!

  2. Hi Michelle! Great post. Just wanted to let you know I had to see my ex-boyfriend yesterday! I took your advice and I think it went well! 🙂

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