Valium, Friend or Foe

On Tuesday my neck and shoulder on a pain level rated 15 out of 10. However off to work I trotted to be greeted by statements, such as ” OMG you look dreadful, you are so pale, are you Ok”, Yes I’m fine, my neck is just a bit sore.  At 3pm I called my Drs surgery and as you’d expect, Dr Emily has nothing available until the 20th of never.

Wednesday is GB (grand baby day) so we did the school run and I had to promise a billion times that I would come to assembly at 2:15pm to watch the entire school do the chicken dance. Masters 2 and 4 were Angels, thank god, however Master 2 is in training to become either the Hulk or a Sumo wrestler so lifting him onto the change table was slightly tricky but I did it. We arrived promptly at 2:15 to applaud and cheer all the little chicken dancers, Miss 5 spent a good amount of time waving at me and a small amount of time chicken dancing.

Yes yes the Valium, I coming to that.

Thursday morning I was a mess and so, within 20 minutes had showered and was waiting out the front of the surgey by 7:50am on the hope on getting an emergency appointment. The Angels were watching over me as I got one with my Dr for 9:30am. Back I trotted at 9:25. Dr Emily greets me with, “Michelle, you look dreadful, what’s going on”. My neck is rather sore, if I move a millimetre its like an electric shock that runs down the left side of my body. Dr Emily prescribes Valium. You must take it 3 times a day for at least 3 days, apparently this will relax the muscles which have gone into spasm.

How good is that stuff. I can see how people become addicted. Thursday and Friday pass by in a rather warm haze filled with mindless TV, you know some of those gadgets they sell look really good, but I do know that that is the Valium making the world a better place, mind you that vegetti thing really looks good and that fruit pop thing, how much fun would the GBs have with that. So come Saturday I think, you’re doing OK let’s give the Valium a miss, rookie move, by lunch time I knew I needed another.

Sunday we head off to the hot air balloon festival and I am feeling fine, I can move without feeling I am being poked by a cattle prod, yay it would seem I am over the worst of it. So what do I do on Sunday afternoon. I decide it would be a great idea to dig up some camellia seedlings and pot them up. Now I did this very carefully, not lifting any thing heavy and using my little spade to put dirt into wee planters. Two hours later 20 or so camellias have been potted up along with some crocouses. I am most pleased with my efforts.

This morning my neck and shoulder are far from pleased. Today I will pop another Valium and be good, very good and watch TV and imagine all the wonderful things I can make with the vegetti and the fruit popper thing.


3 thoughts on “Valium, Friend or Foe

  1. Ohhhhhhh **GROAN** you have my sympathies! I have just had the double whammy cortisone injections – one in each shoulder. I drive a bus and am in just a tad of pain,… to the point where I’m thinking maybe i can cut my arms off at the shoulders and claim benefits… no truly. It’s a bit suckful but i’m forever hopeful I get better soon. Be careful with those valiums!!! I hope you feel better soon.

    btw… are you a Canberran? I know we just had the hot air balloon festival here! (not that I got out of bed at stupid o clock to go see it or anything… but still! I watch the news… lol)

      • Haha bear in mind that a bus is a LOT bigger than a car which may seem intimidating, but is actually intimidating. lol. Nah, really. I don’t drive like a twat, but gee, Canberra drivers leave a lot to be desired. I’m from the Gold Coast originally, where I learned to drive it like I stole it….. and to come to Canberra where they don’t even pull up to the white line at a red light, and then forget where the accelerator is when it turns green, is somewhat of a culture shock. But I love Canberra and its’ people. I love it here!

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