Facebook – A world of ideas, recipes and things that perhaps we should not try.

I like Facebook, I really, really do.
It is a great way of seeing what family and friends have been up to and from time to time there are some very funny quotes, quirky stories blah blah.
There are also recipes, and I do from time to time share these recipes because they look sensational and I always think to myself, “Yes, HTP (husband type person) will like that or the GBs should like that”. But, alas, I don’t think I’ve ever made one of them.
Not a salad in a jar, that according to the comments, will last a week in your fridge. So should you be the domestic goddess that I think I am, you can prepare a weeks worth of delicious, healthy salads on Sunday evening (after you have ironed all the laundry from the weekend) and then each morning as you calmly leave the house just pop a salad jar in your bag and you are set. Pop it into the fridge at work (hopefully no one will steal it) and come lunch time, just tip it into a bowl and it will look and taste simply divine. And the money you will save, what a fabulous idea.
Not 4 ingredient chicken with Russian dressing (I had to Google Russian dressing as I had no idea what that was, and just in case you don’t either, it is just like Thousand Island dressing), why you would want to drown chicken in Thousand Island dressing is a bit of a mystery but the picture of said cooked dish did look rather delicious.
Not one of the endless cakes, slices, cheesecakes or biscuits, but as I said I do share the ones that I think I just might bake one day so I can easily find them on my Facebook Timeline.

So why did I think that a foot softening soak which consisted of the following ingredients, Listerine (the poster said that blue was their favourite and so that is the one I bought), white vinegar and warm water. I even Googled this and the few responses I read were varied.  Of course being the speed reader I like to think I am I quickly skimmed the comments, taking in what I thought was vital to a successful Listerine foot soak on the hope of baby soft feet, rather than the Shrek hoofers I currently have.
Now, when I Googled what people thought there were two main pieces of advice. The first one was to double or even quadruple the quantities. I must admit I thought that was a good idea as 1/4 cup of Listerine, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup warm water really did not seem to be enough to cover and soak my feet. Hmmm, excellent, very useful information. The second one was that 15 minutes really is not long enough, if possible soak feet for about an hour. Yep, right good idea, absolutely guaranteed baby soft feet, all that dead skin will just wipe off.
So last night I made myself the Listerine foot soak. At last, baby soft feet are but an hour away.

HTP from time to time would look over to my preparation area (the kitchen). “What are you doing”. “I’m going to get baby soft feet” I confidently replied. “Hmmm, good luck with that”. Seriously HTP you really could be more enthusiastic I think to myself. “Hey Bub, do you want me to make one for you”. “No darling I’ll pass”. Pffft, I shrug my shoulders and think oh well his loss. And so I perch on the kitchen stool with my feet soaking. It feels quite nice and so I settle in to catch up on who is who in the Facebook Zoo and attend my Farmville Farm.
About an hour later I think, right that should be long enough. Completely prepared, I have another kitchen stool at just the right height with an old hand towel on it so I can just pop my feet onto it and wipe off all that dead skin. What is that, I think to myself. “Bub can you turn the big light on please”. He does. Surely not. I vigorously rub at my feet and look again. What on earth. “Bub, Bub, come here”. I am sounding, perhaps alarmed. “What’s wrong”. “Can you just come here and look at this”. Up he gets and he looks at my feet. “Darling, your feet are blue”. I look at him completely stunned. Not one tiny bit of skin has rubbed off and I do have blue feet. They feel a bit softer, BUT I HAVE BLUE FEET. They are not bright blue just a horrid looking blue. Immediately I go back to Google, surely they would have mentioned blue feet, I mean that would be fairly useful information, would it not. This time I read the articles thoroughly, no mention of blue feet in the first one but in the seond one, which I might add was written by a lady who said she did get baby soft feet and that whilst ALL the dead skin did not come off after one soak she would definitely do it again as there was a most visible improvement, there it was, a very brief mention that her feet, did indeed turn blue.
HTP thinks my blue feet situation is hillarious. “Hey let’s take a photo and put it on Facebook” is his suggestion. My suggestion to him was a very sharp “Fuck off”.

The lesson here is, should you think a Listerine foot soak just might be what you need, then buy Listerine or indeed any mouthwash that has no colour. No dead skin wiped easily from my Shrek hoofers but they do feel softer. Most of the blue came off in the shower this morning and today I chose to wear my beautiful black Gucci court shoes, so only HTP and my avid WordPress followers are aware of my blue feet predicament.