It’s been a while

I am feeling deliciously drugged up! Let’s back track a wee bit. I had my shoulder surgery at the end of April and just like the surgeon promised recovery has been long and slow. On the upside it has gone well.  The first 6 weeks I had to keep my shoulder as immobile as possible. I wore a very large navy blue sling during this time. Husband type person (HTP) of course was sent off to do Defence business and so I was sent to my youngest daughters to be looked after in Townsville.  For those not in the know Townsville is way up north and the temperatures in winter rarely get below 25. Given I have been in a deranged state of menopause for the past three years, I was not looking forward to the heat. I was meant to stay for 2 weeks but ended up staying for 3. It was the first time I had been to Townsville to visit her and her partner since they moved there in August 2014. It was really a lovely visit. My youngest is not a nurturer but she did her best and I was grateful. We spent many hours seeing the sights of Townsville and surprisingly there is quite a bit to see.

I commenced my return to work at the beginning of September so the months in between after the initial 6 weeks of trying to keep my shoulder immobilised I became a professional patient. I had physio twice a week (and I still have physio twice a week) I see a psych once a week as apparently I had a nervous breakdown in the midst of all this. Tis was caused by the appalling lack of care from Comcare, the insurance company that is handling this workplace injury. This case has been going on for 8 years, yep, 8 bloody years. The amount of paperwork that they have lost or “never” received is mind boggling. I have had over 40 case officers and every single one of them could never answer a question. How they manage to keep their jobs is beyond me.

BUT slowly but surely I am improving, I have 85% usage of my left shoulder and my range of movement is really good. There are two things I need to improve on, my confidence in driving and blow waving my hair. Both of these tasks I find quite tricky.

I am loving being back in the office, that was one of the killers of being home all that time, it was very, very lonely.