The Show

Over the weekend I treated the GB’s (grand babies) to the Canberra Show. For the past week or so the carnies have been arriving into town. What a, colourful, yes, colourful is a very good word, bunch they are. We were very fortunate and were given free passes to the show which saved us $80 in entry fees and we got free VIP parking, another sensational bonus as sometimes the walk from the car park can be longer than actually walking around the show.

We arrived at the gates at 9am to the heavenly smell of fairy floss, dagwood dogs, hot chips and doughnuts. There was loud music and the clang of rides and whoops of laughter. I love the show, I know it is stuidly expensive and I know the crap you buy will only last a day if you are lucky but I go knowing what I know and quite prepared to let those GB’s have whatever they want. They got magical wiggly worms, blow up enormous hammers, now this was a particularly rookie move on my part, items like this should only be purchased when leaving the show, not when arriving at the show. As for the next few hours each little person made it their personal mission to hit ones sibbling as many times as possible, which lead to many arguments and lots and lots and lots of little people screaming. This resulted in a cranky Mummy and Nanny was forced to secure all said whacking implements into the pram. I shall not make the same mistake next year. The GB’s fed ping pong balls into the mouths of clowns, no child goes away empty handed, the catch cry of all good carnies. Huge airfilled slides were conquered by Masters 4 and 2 whilst MIss 4 was not having a bar of such nonsense! Masters 4 and 2 positively collapsed in laughter on the dodgems, and by the third go Nanny was an expert.

Carnie people all seem to have that same bored look and I notice they all snap back when queried about the cost of rides, READ THE SIGN. Yes, yes I know there are signes everywhere stating the price, and advising that every rider pays and that there will be no refunds no matter what but there are times when you are juggling little people, a pram, erratic helium ballons and trying to keep a firm grip on Master Two without him screaming the place down that one does miss the clearly displayed sign.

Showbag Alley was not for the faint hearted. It was packed with kids who had money to burn. The average price for a Showbag was $26 which is ridiculous however I promised the GB’s a bag each and that is what they got. Each little person completely euphoric clutching their bag and dragging it back to the car. The excitement on their faces was so worth the $26. Mummy very calmly explained that nothing was to be opened until we got to Nanny’s. The 10 minute drive home nearly killed them. There was a mad dash to get out of the car and it took Poppy 30 seconds to long to answer the door which led to many little squeals of “C’mon Pop, open the door”. Once inside it was complete mayhem. Instructions were inadvertently thrown out, bits of string pulled off small attachments that made the magic worm wiggle and chaos followed. It was great. Poppy had to “fix it” which he did and then there was calm. Mummy took Master Two home for a well deserved nap and Master 4 and Miss 5 spent the remainder of the day with Nanny and Poppy and turned our bedroom into their new home. I have no idea why their toy room was not good enough but such is life. To top the day off we made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cupcakes and if I knew how to get a photo up I would post one but I do not. I can say that they looked fabulous.

I’m hot, alot, I wish I was not!

For two years I have been hot and flushing and according to an article I read yesterday I may very well remain hot and flushing for another 12 years or even worse for the rest of my life. I hate it, a deep ugly hate. These flushes hit regularly, I can feel them coming on and then I feel the perspiration running down my face, through my hair, down my back and I see it beading on my hands and arms. Sometimes it looks like I have dipped my hands in water, that is how wet they get. I have spoken to my Dr so many times and she tut tutts me and assures me it will be over soon. After one particularly horrid “melt down” in her office she said, I had no idea they were so bad, my response was a rather terse, I have been telling you they are horrid for 12 months. months. Finally HRT patches were prescribed, I thought thank goodness. Well what a mistake that was. Whilst Dr advised that periods would again be apart of my life what she did not mention was that one may bleed constantly until your body gets used to it. We were about to embark on 8 weeks in Thailand soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beach, hardly fun when one is constantly worried about periods so that was the end of that. I did actually find the patches in the fridge yesterday as I was tossing out uneaten left overs. I really should give them another go. Perhaps they just might improve my dispostion which I do believe is not as sunny as I would like it to be.


Today was hard, so hard. It started with me using the snooze button 4 times this morning and went downhill from there.

Work is frantic and I thank god for my assistant Robyn. She is like some kind of sweet angel given to me by my boss who knows my workload is unsustainable. But alas due to red tape she has no access to any of our systems and she has been there a week. One would think that working for the Government they would have their shit all in place but no. And let’s not talk about the biartch that expected me to fix the photocopier or the whining that we had run out of A3 paper ( there were hundreds of reams upstairs, but it would seem that it is not their job to go get it but mine) anyway I bit the bullet and said no, get it yourself. Yay me.

then we have the property manager from hell, our tenant wants compensation as the security door on the garage has not been operational for 11 weeks now. I understand the tenants frustration. I doubt she realises I have spent many hours as a member of the executive committee trying to get this issue resolved, but no she wants to take us to court. Solved that wee problem with a $100 gift voucher. Another Yay to me. but now have annoyed husband who does not think we should have given her anything. Sometimes I don’t understand him but I shall talk to him more about that when he arrives home on Thursday evening.

I left work early to drop off dry cleaning, we’ve been using the same dry cleaner since they went into business 4 years ago. Today was the first time ever I asked for an overnighter, I was told no Saturday or nothing, since the other two dry cleaners closed down they are to busy. I compromise and leave one pair of military pants and take the others home to launder myself and have ready for Friday. a win of sorts I guess, Yay me.

Surgeon appointment, I will need surgery, they will shave the bone of my left shoulder to take away the spur that is impinging it, sew the tear in the rotor cuff and remove scar tissue from the severely inflamed tendon in my left shoulder. This is a workers compensation claim from me foolishly trying to save a filing cabinet several years ago. Comcare the insurer are being less than cooperative. My worry now is not really the cost of surgery but the 4-6 months off work I will require to get over the surgery and rehabilitation with the thought that I will not get paid. That will put an enormous strain on our budget. I am trying most unsuccessfully to not worry until a determination is made but it does worry me. Not quite a win there.

My dope addicted little brother wants to borrow money yet again, he can afford to buy drugs but not pay car registration. Go figure! I had to say no. Again not quite a win as I feel so bad not being able to help him but such is life and I shall try to put that one in a basket for another day.

our dear friends husband was rushed to hospital and is in intensive care, there is still no diagnosis and his wife and family are very worried as are we. If you have time, perhaps a word or two to a higher power might help. Thanks for that.

tomorrow is another day and it will be better. How do I know that. Well, in the midst of all this chaos today I found a little envelope in my fruit bowl and in that envelope was a card from my eldest daughter. She had written such beautiful words of love, saying how lucky she was to have me as her mother and how lucky her three babies were to have me as their Nanny and how much she appreciated the support and love that I give to her and her family always. I cried and cried because today I needed to find a wee note like that.

and I am lucky, my husband and I have 30 years under our belt, he’s been to two wars and had a brain tumour and survived, he loves me and I love him. We have two beautiful daughters and three sensation grand babies who light up my life. We have a truly wonderful son in law and a future son in law who love our daughters and treat them well. So whilst today was not perfect, I guess it really wasn’t that bad either.

2015 A new beginning or just the same old same old?

Hmmmm i had great plans for 2015. So far not a single one has panned out. Be healthy, bah humbug, Ive eaten more crap than I care to admit and for some strange reason I continue to wonder why I am gaining weight. I will rid myself of the people that seem to suck the very life out of me, and yet I have plans to dine with said people on Monday night. I won’t work such hideous hours, pfft, I am so full of it. The only reason I’ve worked less hours this year is that I came down with shingles, what a horrid thing that is. And so whilst I was recuperating from that I trod on not one but two very sharp rocks and ended up with two huge blisters on my left foot. One of which became infected so badly that I had to go onto antibiotics and have spent the past week limping and having to wear thongs to the office. A most unattractive and unprofessional look. Thank god I have a boss who thinks I am fabulous and is just greatful that I turn up.

i am in a bad place right now and I shouldn’t be, but I am. My husband is wonderful but for how much longer he will put up with a seemingly foul tempered, overweight cow, I just don’t know.  My grand babies whom I adore are thankfully still at the age where they think their nanny is wonderful. I miss my baby girl so much, she is so far away and when I call I get her answering service when all I want to hear is her happy wee voice.

What is it that I need to get myself on the straight and narrow. I spoke to my little brother tonight, he is 44 and still getting stoned, he is married with two grown boys, he has responsibilities and yet instead of getting his car registered he chooses to buy dope. He knows it makes him severely depressed and at times suicidal and yet he continues to do it.  Perhaps I am just as bad but my vice Is food and not dope. But it gives me something else to worry about and I do. I worry about him deeply and I so want to help him, but I am out of puff so to speak. I’ve spent hours in the phone with him, spoken to councillors and Drs, but to no avail. Perhaps he really does not want help, perhaps he is content being the proverbial Peter Pan.

enough is enough, tomorrow is another day. No doubt I shall have the headache from hell given the silly amount of booze I have consumed tonight. However, it is and will be a new day and a panadine will take away the headache that awaits me.

To Friend or not to Friend, that is the Question?

Does anyone have a friend that you know you should avoid but you do not.  Why do we do this?  I have such a friend 😦  I have known her forever, over 15 years but O.M.G. she is draining, she sucks the living life out of my body. She is always negative, everything bad always happens to her, she really is not particularly interested in anything that happens to me unless of course it is bad luck because in her eyes my life is perfect.  And yet I feel for her and genuinely care about her, I just don’t want to hang out with her and would prefer all our chatter to be done via email.  I suspect I am going to hell.  It was so much easier to be her friend when she lived far away from me.  We would catch up once a year for a weekend and I would come away feeling drained but OK.  9 months ago she moved closer to me, about a 35 minute drive away but 2 months ago she moved about 5 minutes away from me.  She popped in last week for a surprise visit, it was OK, well so I thought but I did start drinking the moment she left. 

I had dinner last night with her, oh dear, I just wanted to escape. She hates her job, everyone is out to get her, the traffic to and from work is hideous, she is being ripped off by her body corporate and the property manager is committing fraud, her family are toxic (they are, truly they are) and she know no one so her life is so very lonely.  She tries so hard not to be negative but alas it does not appear to be working out for her.

My husband and children cringe at the very thought of her attending any function we may host and last Christmas they were downright horrid about it, I wanted to beat them all. But how relieved was I when she advised she would be unable to attend.

How does one stop being friends with someone like this when all I feel is guilt.

Rubicon @ the Griffith Shops

Last Thursday night 5 of us enjoyed dinner at Rubicon. The restaurant is located in the Griffiths shops, it is long and narrow and out the back the ceiling is adorned with twinkling lights, I knew we had made the perfect choice. We 5 were there to celebrate a huge achievement for my boss, he had that very day received a PSM from the Governor General.

I have eaten there several times over the years and always enjoyed the food, we also had our work Christmas party there in 2012 and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Of course there were the usual few who complained about the price but hey, this is good food not Maccas and let’s face it we don’t eat like this every day although I would really like to.

We were seated by our waiter, out the back under the twinkling lights. We were presented with a wine menu, OMG I don’t think I have ever seen such an extensive wine menu, it was like a phone book. I handed it to my boss as I had no idea about any of the wines. He chose something suitably delicious.

The food menus arrived and we perused it with much delight. We had already agreed we would not do entrees as we were going to indulge in dessert. The choices were Angus beef, pork belly, duck, chicken, barramundi, snapper and another beef fillet dish. So much yumminess! Our table ordered the Angus, 2 ducks, a beef fillet and the chicken. The boss was very pleased with himself as the wine he had chosen was recommended for the duck dish. We also ordered a selection of vegetables. Usually I get most annoyed when one must order vegetables separately but given that the mains were around the $34 I figured oh well. I guess it’s when you are charged around $40 for a main and then have to purchase vegies I get rather cross.

Our mains were placed in front of us and they just looked perfect. We all enjoyed our meals, they were sensational. Our side dishes of kipfler potatoes, beans with anchovies and mixed salad leaves were perfect; they certainly know how to do vegies.

Each time our waiter came to our table we had been discussing twerking made famous by Miley Cyrus, the conversation got even funnier when I suggested that as one of the guests had no idea what twerking was that perhaps he might like to give us a demonstration, sadly he declined.

Dessert time, well my suggestion was that we all order something and then share it, this was quickly shouted down by the two youngest diners. 2 serves of chocolate tart, a pear pudding, crème brulee and panacotta were placed in front of us. Our two youngest guests began squabbling, apparently one piece of tart was bigger than the others piece of tart. Sibling rivalry and they are not even related. Each dessert was scrumptious. There was some discussion over the crème brulee; the toffee cracked perfectly however the crème was not quite set. This did not bother me one iota as the taste was truly divine however one of the younger guests advised that she had it on good authority that a crème brulee should be as firm as a 16 year old woman’s chest. Not exactly the metaphor I would use but it gets the point across.

Would I go to Rubicon again, most definitely. Would I have a function there again, most definitely. Would I recommend it, most definitely.

Gryphons @ Griffith

After strolling around Floriade adoring all the beautiful flowers HTP and I headed to Griffith to take advantage of another Groupon or Scoupon (I can’t remember which one) offer. We park the car and find the voucher, a quick read tells us that you can only use the voucher from 3pm Doh it is only 2:40pm bah humbug let’s live on the edge and see what happens.  So the deal is pizza and 2 beers for $22 which is pretty good me thinks.

Inside we venture.  The layout is pretty cute, a kind of posh pub maybe, quite posh I guess as they have a fabulous assortment of very expensive champagne.  Up to the bar we trot, “What can I get you” asks the girl behind the bar. I tell her we have a voucher for pizza and beers. “You can’t use that till 4pm” “Oh, well on the voucher it advises 3pm” “Oh really” she quips srutinising the voucher because obviously I would lie about such things! “Well it’s not 3pm, I shall have to check” “Well that’s OK we’ll just have a drink until it’s 3pm” but off she goes and checks, by this time it is now, what 2:50pm anyway back she comes and it’s OK we can use the voucher early. Lovely and so HTP gets a beer and I have a glass of pink Chandon which is of course not part of the deal but that is OK. Off we totter to find a table out the back, it is cool but not cold. There is another couple happily ignoring each other sitting opposite us. We have a look at the menu, “You choose I say to HTP, can we get come chips too, I am so hungry”. HTP orders a chicken tandoori pizza but no chips. Why, well apparently if we are still hungy after the pizza then we can order them. Off to the bar I go to get another glass of pink bubbles for me and a beer for HTP. In no time at all the pizza arrives and it looks fabulous. It is fabulous, not thick and bready like some pizzas tend to be. According to the menu the usual price for a large pizza on its own is about $23 so our deal is quite the bargain. As it turns out the pizza was quite filling and we really didn’t need the chips.So would we come back, if we were in the area I guess we would but I would not drive all the way from Gungahlin to go there. I think if we lived locally maybe we would not go there regularly as when we paid the bill for my champers I was a bit shocked to find out they were charging $10.50 per glass. If you are in Griffith and feel like a pizza in a nice comfy setting then Gryphon is the place to go just be careful what you buy by the glass.